How to play

Draw 3 cards:
Play one. Give one. Ditch one.

Answer pretending to be the
player in the Hot Seat

The Player in the Hot Seat
reads off all the responses

Players guess which response was submitted by the player in the Hot Seat

The Hot Seat player reveals their response and points are awarded


Points are awarded differently depending on your role in the game


Frequently asked questions

+ How can I purchase Hot Seat?
Hot Seat is available on Kickstarter.
+ How many cards are included?
150 cards are included in Hot Seat.
+ Is there a free version?
A free version can be found above.  Enter your email and we will send it to you.
+ Can I play with less than 4 people?
People have been known to play with as little as 3; however, you'll have more fun with 4 or more.
+ Can I play with more than 10 people?
Yes, as long as your friends successfully learned to share in pre-school.
+ Who should play this game?
People who enjoy other party games love Hot Seat. Those who are very easily offended may want to sit this one out.

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